Wednesday, September 2

1C :: MOTION CAPTURE :: storyboards

in class:
- desk/small group crits to determine final two narrative approaches.
- find+share
- narrative lecture part II.

select a final rendering style for each p.o.v.; two total. your two final narratives will be developed into two 20-frame, fully rendered storyboards.

what needs to be done to double the amount of information in your narrative? is it simple enough to add frames in between each moment in the action you’ve captured in images? are there other ways to approach this?

each storyboard frame will be output at half size -- 3” x 2”. final display specs are here. make sure you have digital files for each frame that are fairly high res -- about 1000 pixels wide, minimum, would be ideal.

snap a photo of each storyboard and post it to your blog. label it “NA” of course.

understanding comics pp 60-73, available on library reserve.

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