Friday, September 18

2B :: KINETIC TYPE :: brainstorming

once you have a single direction decided upon, work on expanding your motion ideas in both breadth and depth. try to come up with more ideas as well as roughly storyboarding those ideas out over five frames to show the idea’s progression. these can be digital or analog, but analog is probably less restrictive -- use your discretion and don’t restrict yourself by using only digital tools.

is this exposition, narration, or description (argument and drama are probably not appropriate here)? how does that shape typeface/lettering choice, color choice, motion quality, character, etc?

what is the duration of your action in the real world? how does that affect its representation in your work? will you remain consistent with actual elapsed time, or change for clarity or dramatic effect?

what is the quality of the motion you are depicting? how is that conveyed through the elements of design and not just the motion itself?

for next class
add five new ideas to each of your verb ideas, for a total of 30 sketches -- 10 sketches per verb. each sketch should consist of a five frame storyboard.

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Cameron Perry said...

so tyler, I know my project idea is probably not best made by digital media. I mostly plan to stick with the photographic plan, and I'm just hoping you will except my extension to the last section.

its a bit of a further investigation or observation, but it is still well within the boundaries storytelling.

there is a post already on my blog you can see ( It illustrates my first few verbs and so on. Its a drawing on line paper of a person, a plane and a box of prints.