Friday, September 11

1E :: MOTION CAPTURE :: editing

now that you have been armed with some basic knowledge of how to approach editing, see what you can accomplish with both a combined book and movie. work out a range of ideas for combining both points-of-view. what types of edits can you manage? does it work to try and match your movie to your book, or vice versa? do they need to be the same, or should you take advantage of each medium and its affordances to do something different? select the best edit for each medium and prepare them for final presentation.

artifacts due
three books -- two original actions and one edited book combining the two p.o.v.s
two storyboards -- from your original 20 frame narratives
three quicktime movies -- two original p.o.v.s and one edited movie combining the two p.o.v.s. use the following naming convention:,,
if you share a last name with someone, use, etc.

turn in all three books and storyboards; before crit, place digital files in my CAS dropbox: faculty > tgalloway

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