Thursday, September 3

1C :: MOTION CAPTURE :: revised friday deliverables

friday's class (sept 4) will be primarily a work day, with a break for the "narrative vs story, part II" lecture. all that is due is progress toward the deliverables from last class. everything that was due for friday will be due next class session, so you have this extra day to do your work.

there is a ton of stuff due, so make very good use of your time between now and friday, as well as good use of your time in class friday.

a quick re-cap of deliverables for next wed, sept 9:
  • read "understanding comics" pp 60-73
  • two finalized 20-frame narratives, each mounted on board
  • digital files of each storyboard image.
  • blog documentation of each storyboard

see the previous post (below) for details.

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