Friday, September 25

2D :: KINETIC TYPE :: storyboards

in class we will work in pairs to determine the strongest direction for each of your three actions. when making final decisions, keep in mind how everything goes together both formally and conceptually.

due next class
one 30-frame storyboard that covers your entire animation. using a timer while looking at your rough storyboard, determine how long you want your animation to be. you will start a timer and imagine the animation progressing. do this a few times, writing down the duration each time. you will be making a 30-frame storyboard, so divide your average time by 30. that will tell you the duration of each frame in your storyboard.
a 1-minute animation, divided by 30 frames = 2 seconds per frame.
a 10-second animation, divided by 30 frames = a frame every .33 seconds (or 3 frames per second).
a 15-second animation, divided by 30 frames = a frame every .5 seconds (or 2 frames per second).

mounting specs for storyboards are here.
import this pdf into an indesign file. position the margins correctly and crop out the titles and measurements. add in your own text. drop in scans on a layer underneath the template or carefully draw in images after printing out. this is an 11 x 17 print. do not mount but make sure it is of good quality.

have a solid plan for how to produce your kinetic type: materials, processes, etc. a “plan B” is always a smart idea, so have that also.

post to your blogs by next class session
- 3 pics of your rough storyboards from friday's class
- good image of your final storyboard

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