Friday, September 11

1F :: MOTION CAPTURE :: presentation

two to three minutes will be given for presentation of your work. show your work to the group and tell us what you learned relative to the project objectives below. address the ones most relevant to your learning process. 

  • demonstrate a compelling and clear use of sequence in narration. 
  • explain how messages are constructed over time. 
  • demonstrate how point-of-view adds interest to a narrative.
  • learn the basics of story boarding to convey movement, direction, the passage of time and mood.
  • experiment with a variety of media to tell stories.
  • interpret principles of 2-d design within temporal media (balance, contrast, direction/motion, emphasis, rhythm, unity).
  • explain the affordances of screen-based linear narratives in relation to printed communications.
  • apply precise craft to the creation of story board panels and overall presentation.
  • engage in thoughtful and positive group and one-on-one critiques. 

four to five minutes will be given for class critique. each student has seven minutes total for presentation and feedback.

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