Friday, August 28

1B :: MOTION CAPTURE :: refinements

in class: find+share.
full group review of sketches in class. post sheets on wall.
lecture on narrative theory, pt 1.


review the following information about storyboards here.

revisions for next class -- sept 2:

based on the feedback you’ve received from critique, eliminate one rendering choice and improve/revise, tighten, and generally improve the remaining four ideas (2 mediums, 2 p.o.v.) for next class period. produce tighter storyboards and improved rendering samples to show the media/style -- same specs as before, just better. you have only two days for four well formed narratives, so work quickly to highly refine the following aspects of your work, with the goal of creating a more compelling narrative:

narrative considerations

creative plot/story structure (is your story [what you say] surprising, funny, visceral, emotional in some way?)

creative narrative approach (is the overall point of view [the way you say it] interesting/unique?)

narrative clarity / flow of events (is the sequence evident, coherent, understandable across frames? can you communicate more subtleties?)

direct vs indirect storytelling (use of metaphor or indexical signs, rather than icons)

layering on additional meaning (the implications / results of the action, editorializing? similar to point of view)

pacing (slower? faster? should you change pace through the piece?)

visual considerations

recognizable objects / actions (can we tell what’s happening in each frame? is there a better vantage point? does the rendering need to be clarified?)

overall visual quality (framing, scale, composition, color contrast/values, lighting, foreground / background editing for clarity, etc)

media / material (appropriate to subject matter? does it convey meaning or help with the narrative in some way? do physical objects help?)

are there consistent elements so the variable elements seem to actually be moving? how do we know things are moving?
- - - - - - - -

we will look at improvements to your four narratives next class. document these improvements in the same manner as last class -- two 11 x 17 storyboard sketches and four rendering studies. label post as “NA”

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