Friday, October 2


you should be making decent progress on the production of your animation by now. in class we will do some finding and sharing, then have a flash demo on tweening, easing, masking, transparency, etc. (see video below).

afterwards, conduct small group discussions/critiques/help sessions so you can have the benefit of multi-student software/production wisdom. help each other out both conceptually and technically. the remainder of class will be work time.

post to your blogs by next class:
semi-final version of your animation using the little "add video" button on the top of your post input box in blogger. 100 mb max and an example of what it looks like is below. if it's too big, try changing the compression quality in the quicktime settings . try h.264 and set it to "medium quality". your animation needn't be finished -- just post up what you have so far.

this project is due on wednesday october 14. final crit requirements to come.

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