Tuesday, October 6



again this project is due wednesday october 14.

  • one digital file of your animation, 720 x 480, quicktime format.
  • filename: lastname_kinetictype.mov
  • upload a final of your movie to your blog through vimeo or direct upload.
  • place your file in my CAS dropbox: CAS > faculty > tgalloway > public > dropbox

you will have two minutes to present your work and show your movie, and four minutes for comments (about 6 minutes total). your presentation should specifically and directly address what you learned, relative to the project objectives. you will also be responsible for generating discussion on your work, so prepare a few starter questions for your peers. what do you want feedback on?

when discussing what you learned, consider the following examples

average: “i learned that analog motion looks different than digitally-produced motion”
better: “the fluidity of keyframe animation with easing-in gave me the mechanical sense of acceleration that i could not achieve using a hand-generated process”

average: “storyboarding helped me plan out my animation”
better: “my first attempt at production went way longer than planned in my storyboard, so i had to edit my footage down more to fit my original design.”

hopefully you can see much clearer evidence of learning and understanding of the concepts in the “better” examples.

for blogs
make sure you have all the cumulative required data:
  • initial word lists and final decision of noun + three verbs
  • 30 sketches for selected words, in three separate images -- one verb per image. piece together in photoshop if necessary
  • 3 pics of your storyboard sketches
  • good photo or screengrab of final storyboard
  • semi-final animation test(s)
  • final animation

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