Friday, October 30

3F :: SOUND :: final schedule

nov 4 wed: group crits on 3 visual iterations. select a final direction.

nov 6 fri: production / work day.

nov 11 wed: final crit


Amanda Laffoon said...

tyler is there any way that tommorow can just be a work day i just really think we are going to need work time where there are people around that can help us.......i just think this is going to be really hard and we need as much class time as our schedules can allow and since we only have wed and friday can they both be work days?

thenewprogramme said...

oh, all right. your point is well made. it will be smart to get a range of input on a final direction to pursue. just make sure you do that during class when i'm not talking to you. i will bring my timer and work hard to touch base with everyone.