Friday, October 16

3B :: SOUND :: some thoughts

here are a few things for everyone to consider as you all collect sounds:

- be thinking of these sounds as a "sonic palette" that represents your activity as a whole, similar to a color palette for a visual identity project, or a collection of visual elements to select and rearrange in a composition. when people hear your whole collection of final sounds, they should be able to name the activity.

- make sure you spend adequate time recording your own custom sounds -- both literal and abstract representations. digging around for pre-existing sounds is like using stock photography or google images all the time versus making your own images. a big part of this project is appreciating how difficult it is to produce good sounds, and to try and be creative in how you capture those sounds.

- give an honest try to writing and recording a custom voice-over for the same reasons as stated above. i believe you will learn more from the process than just finding a nice pre-existing quotable piece from a movie or tv show.

- technically speaking, make sure every sound is its own aiff or mp3 file, and only contains one communication channel (only voice for the voice-over, no music or sfx). we will worry about layering things later on.

next class we will listen to some highlights from everyone and compare notes. then we'll determine where to go next.

p.s. if someone will grab "the films of charles and ray eames, volume 1" (call number PN1997 .A1 E122f 1989) and their book about "the powers of ten" (call number QB981 M881p 1982), we will take a look in class this coming week or next.

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