Wednesday, November 18

4C :: OPENER / DATA :: project runway day

meeting in the same small group as last class, take ten minutes (or less) each to share your work, get feedback, and determine ONE direction to pursue.

a final 11 x 17 unmounted storyboard is due at the end of class today. turn in a copy to me, folded in half with your name on the outside. that is your direction for the project. go play!

due friday
initial production pieces/parts: built models, artwork, test shots, hair-brained schemes, etc.
the timeline is up to you, so plan carefully. you only have one class session until final crit on dec 4.

fri nov 20: field trip to take 2

wed nov: thanksgiving break

fri nov 27: thanksgiving break

wed dec 2: work day

fri dec 4: final crit

make it work, people!


Anonymous said...

Awesome field trip Tyler!

Tom Morse-Brown said...

Hey Tyler, did i see some links somewhere you posted about After Effects tutorials?

thenewprogramme said...

glad you liked it, carly.

tom, i looked and didn't see anything about AE tutorials -- just flash stuff. i will try to scrounge some stuff together for you and post some links.