Tuesday, December 1

4D :: opener/data :: final crit requirements


  • final .mov file, 720 x 480 (basic digital video resolution) or  1280 x 720 (hdtv resolution).
  • filenames: "na_lastname_opener.mov" or "na_lastname_data.mov"
  • place your file in my CAS dropbox ten minutes before the start of your class friday. note that a timestamp goes on the folder when it's uploaded, so make sure you’re on time or your grade will suffer.
we wil handle crit the same as last time, for the sake of time efficiency and quality of feedback. respond to the following bullets with a brief statement on your blogs. title it "statement for show opener" (or data presentation, as appropriate), post a screen shot, and label the post "NA". your statement will count toward your final presentation grade.

  • explain hierarchy of and relationships between the communication channels. what takes priority, if anything, and when does it do so?
  • why you used the media/production techniques you utilized. what did that rendering style or formal approach add to your story?
  • what, if any, new things did you learn through this process? was it more difficult to orchestrate things with all your options open?

class time will consist of demos of your projects with no formal presentation. we want to share all of the great results you will have achieved.

the actual critique will consist of each student providing written criticism of two peers. your criticism of your peer’s project will count toward your participation grade. post your crit as a comment on the appropriate classmate's blog post titled "statement for show opener" (or data presentation).
here is who you crit:

luke crits sean and tammy
micah crits luke and sean
lance crits micah and luke
abby crits lance and micah
carly crits abby and lance
bryan crits carly and abby
dmitri crits bryan and carly
amanda crits dmitri and bryan
dustin crits amanda and dmitri
jessica crits dustin and amanda
kate crits jessica and dustin
mo crits kate and jessica
tom crits mo and kate
johnna crits tom and mo
richard crits johnna and tom
jonathan crits richard and johnna
tammy crits jonathan and richard
sean crits tammy and jonathan

process blog requirements

  •  your chosen project and why. how will this project work better in your portfolio than the other option?
  • written statement on purpose, context, audience
  • research examples
  • initial storyboard
  • work in progress -- production stills, wacky model set-ups, screen grabs, and so on
  • a still or two of final project (can be part of your final post/statment for crit)
  • writing supporting the above visuals (insights, commentary, and things learned during the process)

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